Friday, June 3, 2016

Students Get Chance to Hold History in Their Hands

Dr. Yaron Eliav is an associate professor in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at the University of Michigan. An award-winning Judaic studies author, Dr. Yaron Eliav researches ancient Judaism in the Roman Mediterranean.

University of Michigan students interested in Jewish studies can enroll in The Land of Israel/Palestine through the Ages, a course Dr. Eliav created. The goal of the course is to find new ways to get students interested in studying the ancient world of the Mediterranean. The course involves hands-on experience with archaeological artifacts at the Kelsey Museum. Students get to examine objects left behind by ancient people to learn about their culture. Students also review video clips, maps, art and books from the region.

The course is still evolving and in fall 2015 included a pilot portion with Moscow State University that allowed students in Russia to discuss the issues with students at the University of Michigan. The program may also eventually include a study trip to the Middle East.                            

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