Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Land of Israel/Palestine Through the Ages


A scholar of Judaic studies, Yaron Eliav is an associate professor in the University of Michigan’s Department of Near Eastern Studies. He is the author of God's Mountain: The Temple Mount in Time, Place and Memory, which won two prestigious national awards. Yaron Eliav also created a teaching project called Transforming the Ways We Teach the Ancient World.

This multi-member teaching effort is centered on a experimental class, The Land of Israel/Palestine Through the Ages. The class focuses on the archaeology, history, culture, and conflict that has shaped Israel/Palestine. The educational materials for the course were created by a team of professors, students, scientists, media and IT personnel, and museum staff.

By providing students with immersive, hands-on experiences, the materials bring the rich history of Israel/Palestine to life. Literature, video clips, and art give students extra insight into this fascinating part of the world. Transforming the Ways We Teach the Ancient World received a $750,000 grant, the largest grant ever given for a University of Michigan humanities project.

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